Real Estate Photography

The Trend

Some sellers and realtors believe that professional photography is not needed – after all, you can market through Instagram and TikTok to get your traffic, correct? You’re following ALL the possible trends on social media. The truth is relying on an algorithm for publicity is a scary thing full of uncertainty and getting on Selling Sunset is too complicated (and too much drama!).

The Reality


of agents hire a professional real estate photographer.


of home buyers on the internet found images to be among the most useful features of listing websites.


of the time that homebuyers are researching online they are looking at home images.

Professional Real Estate Photography by Yours Truly

We use a combination of flash photography, HDR and bracketing, Lightroom and Photoshop to perfectly piece together the money shots. Allow me to aid you in representing yourself and your listing in its grandest, most professional light.