Prepare Your Home

You've booked an appointment so it's time to ensure that your house is looking it's best

Home Prep Guide

Home staging and preparation is equally as important as a photographer’s skillset. It is imperative to consider organization and décor upon expecting great quality from your photographer and videographer. House tidiness and cleanliness is the difference between a living room money shot and paying extra to photoshop flaws that could have been easily avoided. We may move and remove some items that are easy to hide out of courtesy, however, the photographer will not help stage or clean the property and will rely on you to have it ready. Below are guidelines to make your home be as ready as possible!

The Exterior

  • Turn on all lights
  • Replace burned out light bulbs 
  • Sweep and clean spaces and walkways and hide unwanted items such as cables, equipment, toys, hoses, etc
  • Move all cars from driveway (park them in the garage if necessary or park them a couple houses down. Leave garage door closed)
  • Straighten outdoor and patio furniture
  • Remove any flags and signs (including agent signs)
  • Have the landscaping and lawns freshly clean and cut
  • Clean pool and hide or put away all related cleaning equipment

The Interior

  • Turn on all lights
  • Replaced all burned out light bulbs
  • Clean, dust, and wipe surfaces
  • Broom, mop, and vacuum floors
  • Tuck trash cans somewhere where they cannot be seen
  • Remove cables, newspapers, magazines, toys, personal photos, remotes, pens, religious symbols, etc
  • Turn off TV, PCs, fans, and other devices
  • Conceal cables as best as possible
  • No dirty dishes. Dry and put away all dishes
  • Clean mirrors, windows and other glass items that may show in photos
  • Open all blinds and shades (no need to roll up, just twist open if applicable)


  • Lower all toilet seats
  • Clear countertops of any items not used for decoration (tissue boxes, toothbrushes, toothpaste, etc)
  • Hide toiletries including shampoo and soap
  • Remove/Hide trash can
  • Clean floors and declutter


  • Clean, dust, and wipe surfaces
  • No dishes in sink. Put away all dishes
  • No fridge magnets, papers, photos, etc
  • Conceal trash can


  • Make bed and remove wrinkles
  • Fluff pillows
  • Remove personal photos
  • Remove items and devices such as books, Alexa, speakers, visually distracting electronics
  • Put away clothes
  • Eliminate clutter, do not allow items underneath bed to be seen

Dining Room

  • Stage dining table with your best dinnerware if possible
  • Add centerpieces if possible, such as decorative candles, flowers, vases, etc
  • Remove any child seats if applicable
  • Make sure all chairs are spaced out evenly and pushed in evenly

Pets and Neighbors

  • Keep pets out of the way (garage, backyard section that is out of sight, etc)
  • Remove all glitter boxes and pet supplies from sight (bowls, food, etc)
  • If possible, let neighbors know about the photoshoot so they may keep their garage door closed and hide their vehicles