Frequently Asked Questions


All of Las Vegas and its surrounding areas. Travel fees may apply if it is further out.

Typically, videos will be anywhere between 45 seconds to 2 minutes. They are a cinematic walkthrough video with music included. For any special requests, please contact me.

Asteroom is an all-in-one 3D virtual tour. When compared to Zillow 3D tours, Asteroom provides smoother walkthrough transitions and overall higher-quality tours. In addition, immersive 3D dollhouses and floor plans are included (floor plans may cost extra). Asteroom requires hosting and can be posted on Zillow and the MLS.

Zillow 3D tours are fast to complete and produce and do not require as many scans or photos to complete nor does it require any hosting. Matterport centers on high-quality software and programming for high-end 3D models to render 3D dollhouses and more. It requires more scans (360 panoramic photos) and therefore takes longer and is more expensive. Asteroom is a hybrid of both. Asteroom provides the same as Matterport in a more affordable manner at a slight decrease in 3D dollhouse quality. Asteroom and Matterport are both able to embed videos and “mattertags” into the tour and require hosting unlike Zillow 3D. Zillow 3D and Asteroom will have exterior spaces integrated into the virtual tour whereas Matterport can only have photos of the exterior spaces of a property. All 3 tours can be showcased on Zillow and the MLS as long as the link is properly placed into your Zillow or MLS listing.

Not at all! If you want to purchase one of our packages but wish to use Zillow or Matterport for your virtual tour needs, please make that adjustment upon booking and include a note in the notes/comment section (prices will be altered).

This depends on the nature of the order itself. Photos will typically have a 1 business day turnaround. Please allow additional time for videography and virtual tour requests.

Yes, if you need same day or next day delivery, an additional $100 will be added to the final price. 3D tours do not apply to rushed delivery.

We take pride in overall smooth process! You will receive a link that will essentially take you to a “hub” or property listing website. Here, you will find all of your content from your order in an easy-to-use downloadable environment resembling a property website.

Photoshop is mainly used for proper window exposures, however, if there is a request to modify any object(s), we can discuss before purchasing the add-on. Keep in mind, item removal and manipulation can take anywhere from a few minutes to over an hour. In some cases, it’s best to leave it as is. We recommend the home be properly staged and prepared to avoid any excess Photoshop.

Yes! Availability on weekends may vary, however, we will need a few days’ notice to accommodate your request.