In the Studio

Professional Business Headshots

Express Session

The Quick and Easy
$ 150
  • 15 Minute Session
  • 1 Final Edited Headshot
  • Unlimited Looks as Time Permits
  • Full Resolution Quality
  • Professional Retouching

Standard Session

The Extras
$ 250
  • 30 Minute Session
  • 3 Final Edited Headshot Images
  • Full Resolution Quality
  • Professional Retouching
  • Unlimited Looks as Time Permits
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The Ultimate Facelift for your Brand

Thinking of rebranding your image or updating your professional headshot? Need a transparent background to stick onto your new business cards but not sure how to do it yourself or who to reach out to? Or maybe you are on the job search and just really need to update your LinkedIn, social media and resume profile photo. Regardless of the need, I am here for you! 

But first…

What is a headshot and why is it important? A headshot is a representation of you and your brand/image in the best light (no pun intended)! Why do headshots matter? Prospecting actors use them for casting opportunities, business owners use them for business cards and branding (among other things), professionals use them for social media, LinkedIn, resumes, etc. Don’t believe me? I worked in the world of recruiting for over 3 years and a LinkedIn inquiry or application from an individual with a proper photo stands out well beyond a user without a photo. Even in some industries, servers still provide their modeling headshot on their resume. 


Our Services

All headshot sessions are with a THREE light set up unless requested otherwise. This means you are getting top quality and the best bang for your buck! Our services are tailored for short and sweet business professional headshots. Realtors, business owners, corporate employees or candidates, executives, healthcare professionals, literally any type of local professional – I am here to serve! If you want a different feel such as a casual or stylized portrait shoot, please contact me beforehand. Sessions are inside of a studio with a couple different options for backdrop colors. Backdrop colors can always be altered in post-production, meaning, you can have additional options for background color. In addition, we can remove the background completely to serve as a “cut out” for more creative freedom over your headshot and any printing or online material.

We are also able to set up on site! This means we can find a room or spot in your office to take photos of employees. Typically, this can include more than just headshots; employee meetings, team photos, employees’ day to day work environment, office spaces – this are all areas we can discuss and photograph depending on your needs. I am able to set up on site for individual or team photos. Please contact me here or email me at

The Session

Upon booking, you will receive a confirmation email from me with general tips and guidance. I like to get on the phone to go over basic and detailed information and  further confirm the appointment date and time. We will make sure you understand the process and answer any questions you may have at the moment. Think of this as a short consultation to understand you, your goals and build rapport. We will also go over pointers on what to wear and what not to wear.

During the shoot, you will receive guidance for poses and best practices. I like to have fun while shooting so expect a fun, relaxing environment. After all, being relaxed is when the real you comes out and that is a step in the right direction!

Small booking disclaimer: available dates listed when booking are tentative dates. We will do our best to honor your chosen date and time but please include additional information in the “notes” field with other possible dates for your headshot photos.