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Travel, Hiking and Stargazing

I began growing in my professional photography career when I started networking and collaborating with people and creators I’d meet through Instagram. I was privileged enough to work with many different people from across the globe and we often helped one another with content creation. I even had my own travel and hiking blog at one point! I am fortunate enough to be able to combine my skillset and experience to offer breathtaking hiking/adventure photography services and in many cases night and astrophotography! If you have not seen my content creation Instagram please take a look here.

Visiting Las Vegas and want to book a hiking/adventure photographer for Red Rock, Valley of Fire or Death Valley National Park? Let’s take it one step further: maybe you need someone to take you to Death Valley and photograph the night sky and photograph YOU (and your +1 or +2) under the stars. Below is our rates and some general information to wet your taste buds!

*Please be advised that at this time, only Death Valley National Park day or stargazing trips are available. Red Rock and Valley of Fire are not available due to restrictions. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Day Trips (non-stargazing)​

What’s Included

  • Roundtrip ride to Red Rock, Valley of Fire or Death Valley National Park
  • 1 to 2 hours of hiking time with photos (carpooling time is counted separately)
  • Professional images delivered to you 1 to 2 weeks after our trip.

*if you wish to provide your own carpooling, that is okay. There are several things to keep in mind with regards to phone signal – we would need to touch base on the matter before confirming.

Carpooling flat fees:

  • Round trip to Red Rock – $89
  • Round trip to Valley of Fire – $129
  • Round trip to Death Valley National Park – $249

Hiking/Adventure Photography Services​​

  • 1 hour of hiking with adventure and hiking photography = $149
  • 2 hours of hiking with adventure and hiking photography = $219

*Please keep in mind that I am not a tour guide and therefore will not know all the answer to your questions about each park and/or Las Vegas. I can, however, still take your cool photos!

Stargazing: Night Sky Photography Excursion at Death Valley National Park

Have you ever seen the Milky Way core stretching across the night skies? How about the Leo, Big Dipper, Little Dipper constellations? Polaris (the North Star)? Death Valley National Park is home to some of the darkest skies in the world. This is a private excursion for you and your small party to see the night skies and take photos in them. Upon booking, you will receive a guide that touches important information for preparation and factors that can affect each individual’s experience [link to blog post in the future].  These factors include weather (clouds, wind, heat, etc), time of year, and basic practices for best night sky viewing. As of now, this tour is only offered between May and September.

There is no limit on the time we spend at Death Valley – we usually play that by ear depending on conditions, vibes, and people’s stamina. Please keep in mind that a round trip car drive takes 5 hours. You will have to come mentally and physically prepared to be out for 5 to 7 hours around and after sunset unless you have your own ride or you have your own lodging/camping plans for that night. Bring painkillers if you need them. This tour is not for children.

What’s included

  • Round trip car ride to Death Valley National Park at sunset and/or night
  • Snacks, cold water and caffeinated drinks of your choice
  • Spectacular views of our galaxy’s night sky
  • Pin-pointing constellations, famous stars and… my favorite… planets!
  • Fun facts about stars, planets and our galaxy
  • Photography showcasing the night skies
  • Photos of you as a silhouette under the night sky!


With all of the above said, the price for a party of 2 to 3 is only $799! (This is counting the transportation fee). If you have plans to stay the night at Death Valley and therefore only require one way transportation, the price is cut down to $699. Should you have your own transportation the whole time, then we are looking at $499.

Please fill out contact form below with details on your party and dates that you are interested.

Matterport 3D Tours for Businesses and Construction

We can provide Matterport 3D virtual tours for restaurant venues, hotels, events, gyms, and many other businesses. A study showed that vacation rentals and hotels can increase booking by 14% when using Matterport to provide a virtual tour of the space. Elevate your occupancy rates and engagement on your website!

Event planners can also benefit from a Matterport tour 

Save time and let potential clients see and experience the space and share the property with other stakeholders. Get feedback without doing a site visit

Reduce walkthrough requests by providing 3D virtual tours for prospects. Eliminate prospects that are not fit during the process

Whether you want to showcase your venue layout to generate leads or use for internal design purposes, Matterport 3D tours have infinite uses and possibilities and we can help you get what you need.


We offer professional headshots on site for our real estate agents!

Couples Photoshoots

Aerial Site Inspections

Content Creation, Collabs and Partnerships

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